BOSTON (Back Bay): Friday, DEC 7 — Sunday, DEC 9

BOSTON:  I am visiting Friday, DEC 7 — Sunday, DEC 9 staying in the Back Bay area.  Sensual Sadism, Fetishism, Bondage of all kinds, slave-training, Authentic FemDom.  Send serious inquiries to: or  Deposits are required to secure your appointment. Same day appointments will be considered, schedule permitting.

WWW.IAMYOURFETISH.COM — Chicago-based Dominatrix.  12 Years Professional experience/20+ lifestyle.

A rendezvous with Me is the genuine FEMDOM experience you crave.  I will require you to drop to your knees, greet My boots with a kiss, and renounce all sense of control when you enter My presence.  I welcome those who desire a safe and discreet immersion in BDSM, fetish, and fantasy scenarios. With My irrefutable dominant nature and powers of persuasion, you will find yourself doing the unthinkable to gain My approval.

Some of My loves (but not nearly all):

bondage (light/heavy/predicament)
sensory play
corporal punishment

Do not feel limited or intimidated by the kinks and fetishes listed above.  It’s not always about pain. Foot worshippers and Goddess pamperers hold a special place in My dark heart.  Respectfully suggest a scenario for Me to consider, and I will respond if it piques My interest.

PAY ATTENTION – Include the following info when emailing:

1 name
2 day, time, duration of scene requested
3 interests, experience level
4 hard limits
5 additional, pertinent info, medical issues
6 references (if you have them)

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista



Detroit (Troy Area) September 7—9

I am taking applications for BDSM and Fetish sessions on Friday, September 7th thru the morning of Sunday, September 9th in the Troy area. I will be booked to capacity, inquire now!

*UPDATE: Sunday is booked. Slots available Friday from 6PM until 9PM (afterward is booked), and Saturday is open as of August 21st.


Some of My loves (but not nearly all – visit for a full list):

bondage (light/heavy/predicament)
sensory play
corporal punishment
foot worship

The following info is required. Send to
1  name
2  dates/times available, duration of scene
3  interests, experience level
4  hard limits
5  any additional, pertinent info, medical issues
6  references

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista

Heads up, Boston!


Boston, I am coming your way! This is your first opportunity to serve Me, suffer for Me. Know that My enthusiasm as of late in BDSM lies in scenes that include Bondage (predicament, heavy and restrictive, encasement, leather and rope), Sadism (CBT/NT, electro stimulation, impact play), Medical Play (play piercing, suturing, catheterization and urethral play, medical stapling), and FTT.  More importantly, our interests must align and you must be ready to surrender your control to a genuine Dominant Sadist in order to have a mutually beneficial kinky and blissful interaction.

Inform yourself of the activities I offer as well as My boundaries as stated on My site. Prepare yourself, read the information on My website: before making contact and include all of the information that I request. No illegal activities per Massachusetts state laws.

I look forward to being entertained and served by you.

Vespertine, A Queer Women’s Play Party

Sunday, May 27th! RSVP REQUIRED: (RSVP with your legal name which matches your state issued ID and valid e-mail)


VESPERTINE CHICAGO is open to all Queer Women, and Transfolk, 18 years of age or older. If you identify as a woman (L, B, GNC, NB, TransFeminine); or if you are a TransMasculine person who still feels they have a connection with, and love of the kinky/leather/fetish Women’s community, YOU ARE WELCOME!!

VESPERTINE CHICAGO encourages education in the fine fetish arts and interactive, hands on role playing, safe and consensual scene play and a person’s right to explore new and exciting ways to express themselves in a sexual manner, safely.

Our event May 27th will feature Demos by Daddy Sky, Mistress Alexandra Sadista and Queerella Fistalot.

Bring your own toy bag. $20 per person cash only


Leather/Latex/Uniform/PVC/Rubber/Goth/Kilts/Lingerie/Fancy Frillies/Suit and tie or other Dress to Impress LQQKS.


You MUST RSVP with your legal name which matches your state issued ID and valid e-mail. Address sent upon RSVP.



Sadista to resume sessions in late August

Chicago, My brief hiatus is almost over. Did you miss Me? Of course you did. And I missed you.

What have I been up to? It seems I always have a few projects going on in the world of FemDom. This time most of My attention was on a very important and personal endeavor, so I decided to take a break from working. I won’t go into all the details, but I will let you know what is relevant to you. I will be back in the dungeon seeing new clients again very soon, and I will be seeing My regulars even sooner.  For those of you who I have not met, be forewarned… I have an even lower tolerance for discourteous and lazy email introductions. I will be quick to favor those who are respectful, honest, and articulate about the experience they seek to engage in with Me, and quick to deny and ignore those who fail to acknowledge and follow the booking procedures clearly stated on My website (

I will be available for sessions Monday through Friday in the evenings only and all day on Saturday and Sunday. If your only availability is in the daytime weekday hours, we can try to work something out provided you are in good standings with Me and can follow My booking instructions to a tee.It is highly encouraged you book with at least 48 hours advance notice. I will no longer offer same-day sessions, no exceptions.

Video shoots will resume in September, and until then you may purchase the clips that are available on My C4S store #50845. If you wish to be in a video shoot, scroll down to My blog entry with the requirements, and follow the instructions.

Travel will resume soon. I will more than likely visit Detroit first, followed by New Orleans in late fall, Madison WI in January, Houston and Austin in February.

Now for the good stuff… I’ve acquired a few new toys that I wish to add to My scenes of the electrical torture and breath control nature. I’ve also been away from the dungeon the longest time ever in My 11 years of domination. That said – I am very thirsty. My claws are sharpened. My big black cock is lubed up. My play piercing needle supply has been restocked. I long to hear the crack of My whip and the sting of My cane on your bare flesh, your whimpers and cries and pleas for mercy. I will put your tongue to use as you lick the bottoms of My leather boots clean, maybe I will allow you to kiss the leather or to suck on My heel. I am ready for you, slaves and fetishists and kinksters, to hand over your body and mind to utilize and manipulate in ways you never imagined.

Email Me to inquire about a session with Me starting in late August:

NEW C4S CLIP: Bound, Beaten, and Scratched

Miss Ammunition has Her slave hooded, locked in metal chastity, and wrapped tightly to a wooden post. She begins a series of delicious tortures, after all he is there for Her amusement. She uses Her fingernails, a leather quirt, and various implements of Her choosing. Moans that express gratitude escape Her slave’s gagged mouth as She teases Her locked cock and tears through the plastic with Her long, sharp claws.

Category: FemDom, chastity, mummification, fingernail fetish, whipping, nipple play, scratching, long nails, bondage, gagging, nipple clamps
Length: 10 mins

This clip is available at www (dot) clips4sale (dot) com / 50845

NEW C4S CLIP: Featuring Alexandra Sadista and Goddess Sadie Hawkins

Starring: Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista, Goddess Sadie Hawkins, and sissy sapphire

With a hunger for cock, Goddess Sadie and I’s sissy arrived in her pink outfit ready to have her mouth abused. she attempted to simply speak, but it was clear her mouth was made solely for sucking cock. With a little direction from Goddess Sadie and I, she was on her knees and on her way to deep throating My pink cock. It was only a matter of time before I took over and face fucked My sissy, making her gag repeatedly and drool all over herself.

Category: Dildo sucking, sissy training, double Domme, deep throating
Length: 10 mins

This clip is available at www (dot) clips4sale (dot) com / 50845