Sadista in Detroit until this Saturday

I am in Detroit until Saturday afternoon and have a very full schedule. In fact, the only human interaction I will be having is with clients and the occasional barista, waitress, and salesperson.

So far, I’ve broken in two submissives who were nervous novices when they walked in, and certainly felt like different people when they walked out. While fear is quite the aphrodisiac in My world, I do My best to not scare or overwhelm inexperienced clients as they can be quite sensitive, all the while firmly pushing their boundaries beyond their own expectations and self-imposed limitations. In one way or another, I blow their minds. And surely it is My own comfort with those activities that are considered taboo in many societies and cultures that allows My boys to completely let go and feel no shame.

My first client yesterday wrote Me after he had time to process our time together:

“I just wanted to thank you again for your time and guidance. You made me feel very comfortable, taking away my fear and embarrassment.”


Detroit: I’ve one slot left open tonight at or after 10PM. Deposits are required. Email Me at if you would like take tonight’s slot. Otherwise, you are SOL.

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista


Sadista on Tour at the end of June!





Tour dates:

ATLANTA: Tuesday, June 21 — Thursday, June 23
NEW ORLEANS: Saturday, June 25 — Monday, June 27
HOUSTON: Tuesday, June 28 — Thursday, June 30 (might extend 1-2 days)

Atlanta, it’s been several years since My last time! I’ve only two days available to book sessions, as I will be shooting BDSM videos on Thursday with Goddess Cheyenne. Sessions will be taking place at Her opulent dungeon, and 1-on-1 sessions or Doubles are available shall you feel brave.

New Orleans, home of some of the dirtiest boys in the South! I’ve engaged in fun full toilet play in NOLA, and plan to do so once again! I will be seeing slaves and submissives in My hotel room in the French Quarter, as well as long time friend Mistress Genevieve‘s dungeon in the Marigny/Bywater area. Care to see Us both? Inquire within!

Houston was My hometown for over two decades! It is where I received My initial training in the art of BDSM. Time is limited here as well, but I might extend My trip until Friday or Saturday. I will be playing at The Vault belonging to Domina Shannon. She and I play very well together as We are both Sadists at heart. We are available for double bookings as well.

Serious, genuine inquiries can be sent by email (preferred method of contact) or by phone. Deposits are required while traveling, and impeccable references are a plus! Advanced notice is ALWAYS preferred, however on occasion I will take same day bookings.

Most sessions will be taking place in very well equipped dungeons. That doesn’t deter Me from bringing some of My favorite tools of the trade such as:

• Folsom box and several fun attachments
• implements for corporal punishment (floggers, canes, single tail)
• medical fetish accoutrement (needles, caths, sutures, enema)
• predicament bondage (rope, nose and anal hook, clamps, weights)

…and of course exquisite leather-n-latex attire beautiful boots and stilettos to match! And lingerie… because it is HOT in the South!

In New Orleans and Houston, I will consider lunch or dinner requests with subtle or perhaps not so subtle public play or humiliation involved. I know Houston very well, so the possibilities are definitely endless for a gay bar or strip club outing, especially with a couple of My fellow Dominant Colleagues joining along!

If you can offer chauffeur services in Atlanta or Houston, email Me with CHAUFFEUR – ATL or HOU in the subject line.

For more info visit My website,

~Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista
312-203-4535 OR 713-705-8487

Travel News: Update!

Chicago: Booking appointments until Monday, June 6th

Las Vegas:
June 7th, Tuesday — 11th, Saturday
Doubles with Miss Victoria Cayne on June 7 & 8 ONLY

Chicago: June 12th, Sunday — June 20th, Monday

Atlanta: June 21st, Tuesday — 23rd, Thursday (Shooting BDSM videos on Thursday with Goddess Cheyenne)
New Orleans: June 25th, Saturday — 27th, Monday
Houston: June 28th, Tuesday — 30th, Thursday

C: 713-705-8487
C: 312-203-4535


Sadista in Las Vegas — June 7th-11th

I am excited to announce the takeover of yet another US city, this time Las Vegas! I love hot climates, I highly enjoy swimming and laying out by the pool (I know, WHO doesn’t), and the hotel I am staying at on the Strip has several pools to enjoy! I do not like to gamble, so here is where you come in to entertain Me.

I will be seeing slaves from the morning of Wednesday, June 8th until the afternoon of  Saturday, June 11th. If you would like to meet Me, serve Me, and be immersed in a genuine FemDom experience like no other, email Me at with LAS VEGAS in the subject line.

I will be bringing a heavy suitcase with various articles of clothing and accoutrements for:

Impact play
Gags, blindfolds, hoods
Sensory Deprivation
Play piercing
Bathroom related activities
Public scenes – so many options in Sin City!
Leather, Latex, Lingerie fetish wear
Boots and heels

Miss Victoria Cayne’s ( trip is overlapping with Mine, so we decided to offer you the opportunity to see Us both! We are available on Tuesday, June 7th and Wednesday, June 8th ONLY. Email Me to inquire, with VEGAS DOUBLES in the subject line.

Looking forward to meeting kinksters and having fun in Vegas!
~Dominatrix Alexandra


Review by My sweet-sufferer

Words about our meeting last week from My boy, the sweet-sufferer, whose been driving for hours to see Me since October of 2014.

 Well… i don’t know where to start. What an awesome time! Your creativity is so thought out and artistic. i’ve never met someone like You. Your wicked smile when you torture me is so exhilarating and sadistic. You should see the bruises and welts on my dupa (ass in Polish) lol! Sooo sore….. But, i relish the fact i suffered for You! i love making You happy. You have such a dynamite personally, and Your caress….. is so  nurturing!

There is one thing! Your intuition…. i’ve been visiting for awhile now, and never had to say Your safe word. That is outstanding!!   i was thinking maybe next time i could be Your suffering little girl…. i’ll ask now because i won’t have the balls to ask later. Lol
Anyway…. Just wanted to thank you so much,  for making my dreams fantasy’s and kink come true. You’re the best. See You soon.

I had a wonderful time hurting you, making you bleed, and bruising your bottom! your vulnerability and the tears you shed for Me, truly a beautiful moment. Til next time.

NYC next, Vegas in June. Where else?

Hello, fellow kinksters! It’s been a minute, and I hope you all have been well! It has been a very good year in the way of travel, new clients, and new toys, thus far! I am excited to visit NYC this weekend for a vacation. Yep, no work, but not totally kink-free, because it would be unfair do deny Myself a visit to a kink-party in NYC!

I am definitely planning on visiting LA again soon, as the time I spent there in early February was way too short. For a few days I soaked in the beautiful weather LA has to offer, and I did quite a bit of sightseeing as well. The highlight, I would say, was hanging out with Isabella Sinclaire and seeing the Ivy Manor and the gorgeous rooms set up perfectly for kinky good times! I got so caught up in the moment that I completely forgot to check out the DeMask showroom She has at that location. Yep, next time! I also was able to visit and get a tour of the Stockroom, thanks to Bella Bathory. And, shopped for latex. Now I need to return for that set of whips I was drooling over in that upstairs area…

Unfortunately I came down with something on My last day there, and it stuck with Me through the first TWO days in Denver! Plans and sessions had to be moved rescheduled, but it all worked out in the end. I had a great time with new, well-behaved clients, and I even got to get a full day of snowboarding in! Definitely another city I will return to when the next snowboarding season kicks in.

Next up is NYC, and Las Vegas is following shortly after!

Sadista in Denver, now through Wednesday, Feb. 10th





I am in beautiful, sunny Denver, and booking appointments until the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 10th in the downtown Denver area.

I’ve a handful of tools to engage in the following BDSM games in My hotel room:
• electro torture – Folsom
• impact play
• CBT / NT
• play piercing
• sensory play – mummification, leather hood
• boot/foot worship

Respectfully suggest a scenario for Me to consider, and I will respond if it piques My interest.  Send all inquiries to  Upon making contact, be prepared to include the following information:

• name
• interests and experience level
• hard limits
• availability
• any additional, pertinent information about yourself

~Alexandra Sadista